About Me

I had never imagined my life like it is right now. I couldn’t be happier. Below is how my journey began and where it has led me so far.

I was in the second year of my college, studying maths when I auditioned for my college’s western dance society. Dancing was always an idea of fun for me. We used to practice yoga postures for warming up before we started with the dance routine. That is when I fell in love with Yoga. I started practicing on my own on and off. My love for yoga took me to Varkala, a small beautiful city in Kerala where I did my teacher’s training course.

For me, yoga isn’t just about being flexible, losing weight and doing fancy postures. It’s a self-discovery path which allows you to strengthen your body as well as your mind.I try to incorporate everything I have learnt so far from my teachers and self-practice. My class is an amalgamation of pranayama, ashtanga vinyasa and meditation. There is much more to learn and explore. Life is so not about the race but finding joy in the journey.


Tanmeet Singh Sabbarwal

As a guy, it’s not easy to come into a yoga class where women predominantly are the majority. However, Garima made me feel so welcome and comfortable that I forgot all about my fears. At the beginning, I didn’t know if I really want to learn yoga, but after couple of classes with Garima I had no doubt in my mind and yoga become integral part of my fitness regimen. Apart from being an excellent Yoga trainer, she's paying special attention to every individual in class by correcting their posture to avoid any kind of injuries. I think she's doing a great job at such a young age and I would like to thank her for bringing a change in so many lives. Keep spreading positivity !!

Facebook May 2,2016
Ritika Lakhanpal

All my life I have been thinking – ‘yoga’ is not my cup of tea and then I met Garima….and it all changed over-night!! She is one of the best yoga instructors I have ever known. The way she makes it simple and interesting for anyone and everyone is worth applauding. The best part being her yoga mentee is you is bound to challenge yourself in every session and almost every time you come- out successful, yet more flexible and stronger than ever. Every session with her is different in its own way…there be it a power packed session with back to back Sun Salutations, or a more self-focused session targeting some core muscles and our body’s flexibility or a typically body stretching session. No matter what, I always look forward to be in my next yoga class with Garima ☺

UrbanClap 2016
Pawan Balapure

She is very passionate about teaching and is doing an excellent job.And with her right guidance and training I am able get rid of my shoulder and ankle injuries. I am very thankful to her for that. Keep it up Garima!!!

Facebook May 11,2016
Hussain Popatia

Well, it's very hard to explain experience of that feel, starting from warm up and going through unbelievable stretch and end with savasana or balasana.. Heavenly feel ..

Facebook January 9 ,2017
Dharti Desai Mehta

She is exceptional In teaching Yoga.. I like the way she teaches us...

Facebook May 2,2016
Ambuj Tewari

She is very passionate about her work. And is doing great job .

Facebook May 02,2016
Dipika Kapoor

It’s not about getting the perfect pose, it’s about making the effort and you ensure that all the time. You are the ‘BEST’ Garima. Keep up the good work.

UrbanClap 2016
Arun Pandey

She is an excellent yoga teacher and guide. I have enjoyed each of the session and learned many techniques of performing yoga and they have shaped my mental and physical well-being

UrbanClap 2016
Rajesh K

Garima is a very knowledgeable yoga trainer. She is very effective in the way she trains. Her good communication skills make her even more effective. She demonstrates lot of patience in her approach. In every session, she is very planned and systematic.

UrbanClap 2016
Hema Bhatia

Garima is an awesome yoga instructor. She is young but she knows her art. I have been training under her for about 6 months. In this time, I do feel that my flexibility, my postures and stamina to hold poses had increased. She gently guides you to advance to the next higher levels. Her class is a good mix of meditation, pranayama, surya namaskar and asanas. I would also like to commend her punctuality. She is never late for class and always informs in case she cannot make it to the session.

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